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**Updated 08/31/09**


Chatelaine: All I can say is, wow. I’ve just discovered the beauty of these designs. And boy, do I want some! lol Alhambra Garden, Alpine Seasons Garden, Eygpt Garden, and Evening in the Park (even though all this white is going to drive me absolutely bonkers). Frankly, I’d like just about all of them.

Heaven and Earth Designs: Oriental Cranes, Waialeale

Lavender and Lace:

Little Wings

Little House Needleworks:

home-of-a-needleworker-tooHome of a Needleworker Too!

Long Dog Samplers:

Jardin de Plaisir

Paradigm Lost

Scarlet Ribands

Tyler’s Lion

Mirabilia: English Roses, Santa’s Magic, Blooming Bride, Fairy Idyll, Savannah’s Curtsy, Ashley’s Roses, Deepest Love, Garden Muses, Rose Arbour, The Seaside Kingdom, The Scent of Old Roses, The Queen Mermaid, Queen of Peace, Blossom Harvest, Christmas Wishes, Fairie Treasures, Maidens of the Seasons 1, Maidens of the Seasons 2, Shimmering Mermaid, Emerald Mermaid, Madonna of the Garden, Archangel, Enchanted Mermaid, Mermaids of the Deep, Garden Beauty, The Forrest Goddess, The Stargazer, White Christmas, South Seas Mermaid, Lady of the Mist, Mermaid of Atlantis, Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and Bluebeard’s Princess.

Rosewood Manor:

And A Garden Grew


Stoney Creek:

I am actively seeking the Nature’s Home pattern located in these issues:
Jan/Feb 2001, March/April 2001, May/June 2001, July/August 2001, September/October 2001, November/December, January/February 2002, March/April 2002, May/June 2002,

I am also looking for the last two magazines I need for the Hummingbird Trellis afghan in these issues: August 2005, August 2006


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  1. Ronel Webb says:


    Thanks you for the kind comment on my blog. I am new to blogging and love it – it is a whole new world of beautifully finished project and friendly likeminded stitchers to me. I ‘d love to see some of your stitching and hopefully get to do an exchange with you. Looking forward to get to know you better.

    Happy stitching and kind regards from sunny South Africa,




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