Quick Post

June 19, 2009

I wanted to show a quick update on the Trellis, which is the first of the three new patterns I decided to do. I thought it would be a quick stitch, and it turns out that I was right. I love it when that happens. 🙂



Cross Stitch Naked

June 18, 2009

I was over on Anna’s blog when I got one of those ‘It’s 3 am, you should be in bed’ moments. In the opening paragraphs, she refers you to doe-c-doe’s blog where she currently has a contest that could, among other things, enable you to win a Cross Stitch Naked tote bag. Well, as I’m reading Anna’s intro, all that really sank through my brain was, “Cross stitch naked” and I found myself sitting here, thinking, “Yeah. Okay. I can do that….so long as no one else is home.”

LOL! Okay, it’s bed time. Night, all! And may your stitches never be frogged!

First Steps to Recovery…

June 16, 2009

So, I grabbed my car keys and announced that I was going to Walmart for sundae making materials and Cheetos and did anyone a.) want anything or b.) want to come. My husband Michael came out of the computer room, hands in his pockets and said, “This have anything to do with the missing stitching?”

Absolutely. I only ever go for Cheetos and sundaes when I’m in a funk, and then the wonderful dear surprised me.

He said, “There’s a Hobby Lobby in Bartlesville. Why don’t you grab some patterns and we’ll go kit them up instead.”

Dude. He is such a keeper.

So, showing remarkable restraint, I grabbed three designs off my to-do pile and skipped out the door. He not only gave me his wallet, HE CAME WITH ME!!! Ya’ll, my husband is a hermit. Getting this man out the door for a movie or for dinner on our anniversary is like prying a muscle from a konk shell. In fact, I’ve cooked our last six anniversary celebratory meals, because I couldn’t get him out of the house. Before that, I’d go out with a friend and bring him back a doggy bag!

Last night, he not only came with me, but he drove 35 miles out of town to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, making two pitstops along the way (one to get a picture of a life sized Utah Raptor and the other to walk through the Zoo Safari in Dewey–both at my behest because, yes, I am just that nerdy). I thought I was handling my disappointment pretty well, but I guess I must have been being a right pain since he didn’t even sit in the car. He came in for both the zoo and the Hobby Lobby, and I am now kitted up to start:

morning gossip
Morning Gossip by HAED and Kirsten Mills

skeleton crew
Skeleton Crew by The Cricket Collection and Vicki Hastings

rose garden
Trellis by Leisure Arts and Paula Vaughan

I’m going to start the trellis tonight, since it looks like a quick stitch and I’m really in the mood for that.

Totally Depressed

June 15, 2009

My last year in Oregon, I was living with my sisters about 65 miles north of my storage unit, so I had no idea that part of it had flooded through the back until I went to clean it out. Roughly four or five boxes had sat, mildewing through and through, for the better part of two years. I went all the way through the first couple of boxes, trying to see if anything could be salvaged; I saw nothing but clothes. Everything was speckled all the way through with black and smelled horrible. In the end, if I opened a box and saw mold on the top, I threw it out. It wasn’t until I was in the U-haul that I got to thinking about some of the cross stitching stuff I hadn’t found during my repacking process.

Well, now it’s official. I unpacked my last box this morning. Celtic Christmas, Morning Coffee, and Rose Garden are gone, cloth, threads, patterns and all. To be perfectly honest, I’m not too heartbroken over Morning Coffee or Rose Garden. But I’m really kinda tore up about Celtic Christmas. I had the girl mostly done and the beading all down one side of the arch halfway finished. I was INTO that project.

I keep telling myself it wouldn’t have mattered even if I hadn’t thrown it out. They still would have been molded beyond my ability to save. Still…

I think I need to pull out all stops to recover from this. Tonight is going to be a Cheetos night, liberally augmented with at least one hot fudge sundae and a really hokey horror movie on the DVD player. Something kinda good, but kinda awful. Like Deep rising, or She-Creature.

Do they even have marachino cherries in Kansas?

Catch Up

June 13, 2009

Okay, the move is over. I still have about 30 boxes to unpack. The hubby and I are still sleeping in the living room, but hey, that’s where the a/c is, so I’m not complaining.

I’ve unpacked a lot of my cross stitching stuff, but there’s still a lot that’s lost in limbo somewhere, and I’ve got this nasty, nasty feeling that one of the boxes I threw out because of water damage from the storage unit had some of my unfinished WIPs in it. Oh ladies and gents, let me tell you, if that’s true, that almost physically hurts.

Anyway, now’s the time to catch up on my photos and bring the blog up-to-date. So I dragged the hubby with his real camera (Yay! No more of my inexperienced, too-dark photos!) and we made a brief night of it. Most of his comments were nice ones: “I like that.” “That one’s pretty.” Of course, when we got to Cirque des Circles, he said, “What are you doing to the poor piece of cloth, honey?” If we hadn’t sold the sofa before we left Oregon, he’d’ve been sleeping on it last night.

But I guess he can’t be blamed. The poor man has been living alone for almost two years now, so his husband/charm skills are a little rusty. He must have realized he crossed a line somewhere, because today he took me flea marting. We bought a nice shelf for the bathroom and jalapeno jelly. Yum! Next week the jelly guy is supposed to be in with some hot and spicy habanero jelly, and if it’s good stuff, I am going to be his most frequent and faithful customer. Now, if only I can find a place that sells brie…

Okay, picture time.

Here is where my BP Quaker SAL is at. I sat down last night and stitched for the first time since we got here. It felt heavenly. I finished the flower motif and started on the second to the bottom along that right edge. I did three lines before I found a mistake. So now I have both stitched and picked in this house; it has been christened.


Cirque des Cercles


Rosewood Manor’s Inspiration

RM Inspir1

Chatelaine Hawaiian Mandala

Hawaiian Man 3

Victorian Garden Rug: It’s a start. 🙂

Vic Rug 1

Christmas Flourishes

Christmas Flourishes 7

And last, but not least, my totally late and Totally Useless SAL ort jar!

orts jar june update

Well, that’s everybody that I’ve unpacked so far. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. Me, I guess posting all those pictures has wore me out. I’m off for a nap! lol

We’re here…thank heaven

June 9, 2009

Well, the move went off without a hitch…except that now we can’t find anything. It’s taken six days just to get my computer hooked back up to the internet. Nothing quite like being offline for an extended period of time to (twitch, twitch) show a girl (twitch) how addicted she truly is to the World Wide Web.

Still, we’re moved into our new home. A huge place with room enough for the hubby and myself, and my two sisters, and the zoo, and my parents and other sister just as soon as their houses sell…My husband is thrilled to have me back, which is probably why he hasn’t yet commented on my insistence on bringing the whole of Oregon to Kansas with us. Sadly, the buyer on our house backed out of the deal, so until the house sells (oh please, oh please, oh please let it be soon) we’re going to be paying an extra mortgage and things will be a little tight. (No more patterns, no more fabrics, no more threads…sob, sob!)

On the cross stitching front, I mailed out my Fair and Square Round #13 project to my partner…and just now realized not only did I forget to include a card (nothing like omitting those little social pleasantries, like…”Hope you like it” or “It was lots of fun to stitch” or “It kept me sane all the way through Wyoming when there was nothing else to do but count antelope”–247, for those who are curious) and I forgot to take pictures of it to show on my blog. sigh. Oh well. Life goes on. But at least this time I found my iron, so it was a nice flat pair of squares that I folded crisply in half, stuffed into an envelope and raced out the door with barely in time to catch the postman before he rounded the corner and was gone forever. Or until tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I am glad to be back in blogland. Glad to be down to my last 100 boxes left to unpack. And glad to finally be able to update myself on what all’s happening in your worlds. Hopefully, my next post will have a cross stitching picture attached!

Huggs to all and may you floss never tangle!


May Goals

May 4, 2009

Well, I didn’t do as well on my April goals as I did my May, but then I’m moving, so I can get away with all kinds of slacking off right now.

April’s Goals were:
1.) Finish the first page of the Hawaiian Mandala except for the beading. **Not even close.**
2.) Finish Dust Bunnies. **Yes!**
3.) Start next oldest project from my stash. **Well, I looked at it. Does that count?**
4.) Continue stitching on Cirque des Cercles. **Yes.**
5.) Continue stitching on Christmas Flourishes. **Yes.**
6.) Finish at least 3 patterns on the Beatrix Potter Quaker. **Only got two done.**
7.) Finish learning the stitches necessary to start knitting my beaded scarf. **Nope. But I think I’m halfway there.**

May’s goals are much simpler and more likely to be attained:

1.) Stitch on something, anything. Maybe finish Cirque des Circles.

2.) Get moved.

3.) Complete my Fair and Square Round #13.

I pick up the U-haul on the 30th. We’re slated to be on the road on the 31st. I’ve got to get this house fully into boxes by the 28th, when the hubby flies in to start dismantling the big stuff. The computers will go offline on the 29th. With any luck, I’ll be back and much more attentive to my blog as well as others by the 6th of June, when I will be in my new house in Kansas. Yay!

Until then, here is my progress on my orts jar for Yoko’s Totally Useless SAL, which sadly has seen no attention for nearly a week. And which probably won’t for most of May.


I fell completely off the bandwagon with my rotation, but I’m determined not to feel stressed about it. I’ve got plenty of other things to worry about at this time. 🙂

And last but not least, a Road Rash update. The hubby didn’t like that name, so he has been renamed to Waffles (as in, road waffles–what the difference is, I don’t know, but there you go). Waffles is up to eating 2 cans of pureed cat food mixed with kitten replacement milk per day. He is starting to pack on the weight he lost when he couldn’t move his jaw well enough to want to eat. He has also started to clean himself, so we’ve kicked our baths back to every 4 days or so. The right eye has some sight, we think he can see light and shadow contrasts. He can’t find his food, you have to guide his head to it, but he can seem to track us if we move past a bright light or window. The other eye has turned grey, sunken in and will likely fall out. He’s using a litter box 100% of the time, but still not moving around if he doesn’t have to. Although he will come up to the kennel door at supper time, bobbing his head and huffing as he searches for the food dish.