Finished in 2009

I apologize for the incredibly dark pictures on this site. I’m using a cell phone camera and just can’t get enough light on these things to save my life. When the hubby comes to visit next month, I’ll retake pictures of everything with the good camera and repost them properly.

I also wanted to get this matted and framed before I put it on here (it’s a wish in one hand, spit in the other kind of year), but there’s just no point in doing that before I finish moving. It’d just be one more thing I’d have to worry about breaking when that magical (and at this point, mythical) day finally rolls around where we sell this house (thank you, to all the banks responsible for crashing the mortgage market) and move.

This is Mirabilia’s Stone Roses. It’s a long piece (roughly 10″ x 24″) which makes photographing the whole thing on this cussed cellphone a lovely little female dog in heat. It was finished in 2009. In fact, I was trying so hard to get it finished in 2008 that it was, quite literally finished at 12:03 am on 1-1-09. I stitched my fingers to the bone that night and still missed the deadline by three teeny little minutes. sigh…

Of course, on the plus side, hey hey! I’ve got something finished in 2009 already! Woo hoo!


This is Ink Circles Ribbon Mandala, completed on white linen. It’s about 6″ x 6″. Finished 1/28/2009


I did this for the Reading Challenge coming up in May. I need to start stockpiling some of these.


Completed 1/31/09

Our Special Day by Leisure Arts on 32-count “sandy” colored Charles Craft linen. I’ll post the measurements soon, since I won’t be able to frame this until I get moved.


Completed 3/1/09

Second Book Mark


Completed 3/05/09

Fair and Square, Round #12

Round 12

Completed 3/27/09

Dust Bunnies

Dust Bunnies 4

Fair and Square, Round #13

Sadly, I forgot to get pictures of this before I send it out. 😦

Completed 5/30/09



Completed 6/25/09

Fair and Square Summer Round

FS Summer Round 3

Completed 6/29/09

Fair and Square Round #14


Completed 7/09

Mirabilia’s Christmas Flourishes

Christmas Flourishes 8

Completed 08/09


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