These are some of the places I enjoy visiting the most. Among the pages of these blogs, I have lurked away many an hour these past few months, until finally the overwhelming need to create my own pithy blog had it’s wicked way with me. While not all cross stitching blogs made it onto this page (yeah right, you say, but truthfully I do know restraint–and sometimes even practice it), I have tried to include all the ones where I find enough beauty (either in attitude, writing or artwork) to keep me coming back time and again.

21st Century Sampler
A Box of Chocolates
A Celtic Stitcher
A Cozy Little Place for Stitching
A Fairy Princess Dreams and Stitches
A Girl as Mad as Birds
A Joyful Stitcher
A Kiwi Stitching
A Sampler of Stitches
A Stitch in Time
A Stitch in Time and Other Things
A Stitcher’s Ramblings
A Thread’s Tale
Acerca del Bordado Cross-Stitch Blog
Afford Your Passions
All My Scattering Moments
Amy Stitches
Anna’s This and That
Annette’s Acre
Another Cross Stitch Addict
Around Barb’s Bend
Arthemise’s (Mostly) Stitching Blog
At Brigitte’s Place
At the Honeysuckle Tree
Aussie Stitcher
Beatrix Potter Quaker SAL My very first Quaker project and my very first SAL!
Becca’s World
BeckyBee’s Stitching Hive
Be Happy!
Between You and Me
Bine Still Stitching…But Now in Beautiful Canada
Bits of My Own
Black Sheep’s Bit of the Web
Blog It
The Broken Needle
The Busy Beehive
Busy Hands, Happy Heart
By the Bay Needleart
Carriage House Samplings & MO Jewelry
CC’s Stitching Diary
Chewed Away Stitching AND Elfquest! Does it get any better?
Chiloe’s Corner
Chris Cross Corner
Chris’s Stitching and Strumming
Christmas Ornament Stitch-A-Long
Clarkey’s Projects and Hobbies
Clydeside Stitching
Contemplating My Needle and Thread
Contented Stitcher
Coonie and Plume
Cozy Egg
The Craft Room
Crafter’s Creations
Crafting Time
Creative Thread
Cross Stitch and Cupcakes
Cross Stitch Happy
Cross Stitch Happy Yes, there’s two of them!
Cross Stitch Passion
Cross Stitch Pattern Addict
DaisyGirl Stitching
Dani Black Belt Stitching Wizard
Deep Fried Cupcake As if the artful stitch work weren’t reason enough to visit this blog, she had to throw in pug pictures!
Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? Gotta love the name. lol
Down Under Discourse
Dragon My Needle Home of the Totally Useless SAL! lol
eHandcrafts Stitching Room
The Enchanted Burrow
Encore un Petit Point…Juste un Dernier!
Eye of the Needle
Fair and Square Stitching Exchange
Fairy Tales and French Knots
Fallen in Love with LHN and CCN Patterns! And you will too when you get a look at their work!
Feather Stitching The very first cross stitching blog that I ever found, and which I have followed faithfully every since. Beautiful work!
Flosslady’s Stitching Blog Beautiful pieces!
The Flying Needle
Fog City Dweller
Garden of Stitches
Gathering Thoughts
Gingham Stitcher
Guava Gems
Hands to Work
Happiness is Cross Stitching
Here A Stitch, There A Stitch
Home of a Little Needlecrafter
Hooked on Stitches
Hugs and Stitches
I’d Rather by Stitching
I Love Hollyhocks Fellow Paula Vaughan stitcher. šŸ™‚
In Stitches
Inside Gold’s Mind
Inside Number Twenty
It’s Daffycat
Joanie’s World
Julie’s Stitching Journal
Just Another Stitching Blog
Just Cross Stitch in Limerick
Just One More Stitch
Kajsa’s Stitching and More
Karoline’s Corner
Kathy’s Sit and Stitch
Kearnel’s Korner
Kielrain’s Stitches
Kim’s Northwoods Discoveries
Knowledge and Needles
Lady of the Floss
Ladybird Lane
Lake Stitcher
Lavender Rose Ramblings
Lennun Tekeleet
Leslie’s Cross Stitch Heaven
Linen and Lagniappe
Linen Stitcher
Lisa V’s Lounge
Lisa’s Blog
Litla Skvis
Little Cat Blogs
Liv ‘N Laf
Lonestar Stitcher and her Ramblings
Lovely in Chocolate
Mainely Stitching
Margaret’s Blog
Margo’s Musings
Mary Wiggam SAL The USA version. Woot! My second SAL.
Meari’s Musings
Mellow Bungalow Lovely work!
Midsummer Night Musings
Mijn Hobbiehoekje
Mission Impossible
Mrs. Sew-and-Sew
Mtrl Girl’s Material World
Musings from a Three Bedroom Ranch
My Stitching Treasures
Mylene’s Blog
Needleprint Home to the Mary Wiggam pattern, among many other beautiful things.
The Needle’s Promise
Needles, Hooks and Paperback Books
Nicole’s Needlework Stitch by stitch, a “Sampler Wall” in the making.
No Sampler Left Behind
Notes from Blue Hen Hollow
Olenka’s Stitches Blog Beautiful work and original designs!
On the Dry Side
Once Upon A Stitch
One Day I Am Going to Grow Wings
Orts and Ends
Our Life…Picture by Picture
Paints With Thread
Paisley Designs
The Peacock’s Feather
Primative Betty’s
Pumpkin Patch & Co
Purple Peacock
The Purple Thread
Purple Wildcat
Purr Stitch
Quaker Inspired Home of the Quaker SAL – Awesome pieces!
Quietly Stitching
Quilt or Stitch? How about Both? Some of the most beautiful quilting I’ve seen in a long time.
Random Stitching Ramblings
Rebel in Ontario
Redwitch’s Stitch N Bitch
Rita’s Stitching Diary
Romy in Austria
Rosebud’s Stitching
Sally’s Stitching
Sampler Lover’s Blog
Seaside Stitcher
Shari’s Sharings
Sharon’s Cross Stitch Obsession
Sharon Stitches
Shelleen’s Musings
Simply Stitching
The Slow Stitcher
Smiling Stitcher
Smokey from the Netherlands
Snippets and Stash
So Much Stash, Sew Little Time
Soed Idea
The Sparklie Things Blog
Speedy Stitcher
Spinster Sticher
Squazi and the Chicken
Still Living in Wonderland
Stitch A Mirabilia
Stitch Bitch
Stitch by Stitch
Stitch in Tyme
Stitch or No Stitch
Stitch Pink
Stitch Wizard
Stitches of Life
Stitches With Camels
Stitchful Thinking
Stitching…All Things Christmas
Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets
Stitching and Other Pleasures
Stitching and Sharing
Stitching and Stuff
The Stitching Hour
Stitching in Lobster Land
Stitching in Texas
~Stitching Love~
Stitching Mom in Iceland
Stitching Obsession II
The Stitching Post
Stitching Scientist
Stitching Squad Mama Joan’s work
Stitching Under the Southern Cross
Stitching With A View

Suburban Stitcher
Sunflower Crossing
Sweet Pea Stitches
Tales From My Needle
Tantes Zolder
Tapestry of Dreams
Tea and Stitches
Tempus Fugit
Threadheads, Unite!
Threads of Desire
Three Cool Pugs and Me Pugs and cross stitching, I love it!
Time To Stitch
Tintock Tap
Totally Toadlily Just gotta love the name! lol
The Twisted Stitcher If I’ve listed a blog here, it’s because I’ve found something special and wonderful in the work they do, but I have to admit this is one of my absolute favorites.
The Useful Needle
Welkom bij vrouwe Nack
Wen to Stitch
Wendy ~ Home at work
Who Has Time to Stitch?
Whoomsa’s Stitch and Stash
Willing Hands
Willow Tree Stitcher
Witchy Stitches
With Needle and Thread
Words and Blooms
World Embroideries
X Marks My Spot


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