Patterns for Trade

Finally! It took me nearly a full week longer than I’d hoped, but I’ve finally got everything scanned and the trade pages set up. If you’re in the market for more patterns, please take a look at what I’ve got. There are over 300 books, booklets, magazines, leaflets, kits, and singles listed there. Our moving day has been set and I’m not taking them with me. So everything I’ve got left come May 25th is going to the Goodwill or the dump, depending on how frazzled I am by then.

I prefer trades. Take total advantage of me. See 15 things you’d like, and have maybe 1 pattern you think I’d like? Let me know; I’m happy to take that trade. Don’t have a pattern but still want some of mine? Everything is $1 or less. Singles are .25. Buy 2 or more and get 10% off. Buy 10 or more and I’ll pay for shipping. You don’t need something on my wishlist for me to make a trade. I have a very wide range of interests when it comes to cross stitch. The only thing I don’t do is kits.

As for what I’ve got: All patterns are in good to excellent condition, all flaws have been marked next to the listing. Most are second hand, either picked up at estate sales, auctions or given to me. Some are brand new, never opened. Second hand items and all singles have been double checked to make sure no pages, patterns or instructions are missing.

If you see something you’re interested in, email me: stitcherydoo AT yahoo DOT com or leave a comment under here. It’s first come, first served. So browse away, and have fun taking these the heck out of my stash and happily into yours!


One Response to Patterns for Trade

  1. Mary Korn says:

    Fun web site! I could be here all day thinking of what patterns I have.

    Anyway, I am looking for something specific – for DeGrazia counted cross stitch patterns. Am especially interested in Christmas, angels, and village scenes (ie, basket weaver, girl with flowers). I saw one De grazia pamphlet photo on your web site. Thank you

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