For Sale or Trade

Ok, first things first. I have a mass of charts, books and leaflets of patterns I once thought I couldn’t possibly live without and now have no idea why. I absolutely refuse to waste the energy, boxes or space, endeavoring to move with them. So, my loss is your gain. Check out my Sale or Trade tab. All charts, books and leaflets are a $1, with trades being preferable. So if you’ve got something on my wishlist or which you think I’ll like and I have something you really want, give me a bellow. I am totally looking forward to being taken advantage of. I should hopefully have everything listed by Monday or Tuesday, so if you’re interested, keep on checking back.

This was Chatelaine week on my rotation, and I think I’ve converted my sisters. Initially, they did not see the appeal when I showed them the pattern. “Not my thing,” they said. And yet, every time I pause mid-stitch to stretch my legs or get another soda, they pause to look at what I’ve done so far and say, “Wow. Now that’s pretty.”


I have to agree. Blurry picture and all.

You can also see the barest hint of a bunny peeking back at you here. With any luck, I’ll get this finished this weekend. 🙂


And I really can’t wait to get moved back in with my photographer hubby and the good camera. It’s much too late for me to ever make friends with this cellphone. It has smelled my fear and knows it has the advantage, no matter what buttons I poke or how vigorously I curse and shake it. My poor Cirque des Cercles. It’s done on plain ol’ white 40 ct linen with Carrie’s Tie Dye thread. I think it’s really pretty in person. I only wish I hadn’t packed my iron.


And last but not least, a Road Rash update. As of this morning, he is drinking his slurry from a cup. Goodbye syringe, and hello OMG, would you look at this mess! I had no idea a cat could splatter so much, so far, just by lapping at it. Still, it was a giant step forward, but one which resulted in our giving him yet another bath. Right now, we’re averaging one every four days. Typically we fill the tub with enough warm water to immerse Road to his neck. Today, we tried to hold onto him long enough to work the worst of the mats from his fur while, purring loudly all the while, he tried to swim laps.


4 Responses to For Sale or Trade

  1. Great progress on all three pieces. I’m loving dust bunnies! How brave does one have to be to bath a cat (LOL)?

  2. Siobhan says:

    Your WIPs look great! Love the colors in them. I’m glad to hear Road is getting better! 🙂

  3. cheryl says:

    That chatelaine is beautiful, i really love the colours

  4. Jennifer says:

    The chatelaine looks beautiful! Is it very hard to stitch on black fabric?

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