Totally Useless SAL

Well, I’m a day late on my update for the new moon, but once again, I was sixty miles south and no where near this jar’s vicinity. Still, here’s my contribution. 🙂


I also keep forgetting to post the link for anyone who’d like to join Yoyo’s endeavor at Dragon My Needle. It’s a whole lot of fun and it doesn’t involve your doing anything more than what you already are.

We’ve had a busy day. I am now officially vacated from the storage unit and all that my husband and I own is now piled to the ceiling in Em’s old room. And amongst all those boxes, look what I found.


Since I have finished my first Fair and Square (I’ll mail on Monday) I’ll be looking for a new project to add to the rotation. I’m thinking it’s time I indulge in an Ink Circle.


4 Responses to Totally Useless SAL

  1. Rebecca says:

    I KNOW THAT MYSTERY STITCHING! My house is also protected by killer dust bunnies!

  2. Laura says:

    Who knows what lurks in the dark corners of a stitcher’s abode? LOL! What Ink Circle are you thinking about?

  3. Great progress on your Totally Useless Jar!! Ahhhhh, ye old dust bunnies have decided to come out and play, eh? If you finish that off real quick you can hang in ‘the room’ and let the dust bunnies settle.

    So which Ink Circles are you planning on?

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