Mom’s Tablecloth

Well, this is the week I work on Mom’s tablecloth. I’ve started with the outside border instead of the center, which is good because when I finally hit the end of the first side I discovered my first mistake: My stitches were smaller than the pattern’s. Which would mean, upon completion, my tablecloth would be smaller than Mom’s. And since I do actually want a tablecloth and not a tablerunner, I picked up my trusty seam ripper and went to work.

Which led to mistake #2. You guessed it. Careful as I tried to be, I cut the cloth. Down went the seam ripper, up came the scissors. Good thing I gave myself nearly a foot of extra space on both sides. I simply snipped off that side directly at the border and started over. The pattern is back on its way with myself stitching over 2 over 4 instead of 2 over 3 and the difference is much, much closer to the original. After thirty zig-zag peaks I am just a half stitch shorter than the pattern, which would still leave me with a tablecloth in the end. I will post pics when I actually have something on this to photograph. Right now, it’s just an incredibly unwieldy border. The mistakes have set me back a bit, but my goal is to get three of the four sides done by the end of Thursday when its time on my rotation concludes.

Have a wonderful week, all! And thank you for visiting. 🙂


3 Responses to Mom’s Tablecloth

  1. Jen says:

    If you are like me you find out that you’ve made the mistake just before bedtime and then stay up to stupid o’clock trying to fix it. Good job you went against convention and started on the edge rather than the middle as it would have been devastating to have done so much work to find out it wasn’t right. loking forward to seeing the pictures.

  2. Mylene says:

    Sorry to hear about your recent project for your Mom. Hope all goes well next update.

    Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog and do really appreciate the comment which leads me to visit your blog.

  3. Oh what a shame you had to start over…but better now than after you had started the middle. It sounds like this is quite a project, looking forward to seeing it.

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