Oy, my achin’ back!

Well, we hauled one load to the dump, two loads to the Goodwill, and two loads sixty miles north to my sister’s house. The storage unit is now half unpacked. And I found one of three craft boxes lost somewhere within that ocean of tan boxes! Inside, I found those blasted unfinished christmas stockings (which I’m going to work on today–so they’ll be completed when I take them to the Goodwill *shakes head at self*) and bags upon bags of floss! Yay! I found my floss!

After that second load, I was so tired and yet it wasn’t me who got to crash immediately after we stacked the last box in Em’s room.


He knows he’s not supposed to be on the couch, but apparently it’s okay to steal one of the cushions and bring it down to the floor. lol He looked so comfortable, I didn’t have the heart to pull it out from under him. Even though his bed, complete with the pillow he stole from my bed three weeks ago and his blanket (that splash of yellow at his tail) are right there!

While at mom’s, I got a little bit of stitching done but not as much as I’d hoped. Christmas Flourishes must now be put up. I have put myself on a strict rotation so all my WIPs can get worked on each month, and I won’t get back to her unless I complete something or until her time rolls around again three weeks from now. *sniff*


And FINALLY I got my start on the Hawaiian Mandala. Yay!


It doesn’t look like much. Only a few hundred stitches worth, but I love it. The brightness of the colors make up for the aggravation of stitching on a black background. And, I’m sorry for all of you who like the stuff, but the intense aggravation of stitching on evenweave. Except for any future Fair and Square exchanges, this is the last project I will ever do on the abominable stuff.

I also got the first part of my Fair and Square exchange done, although I can’t show it yet. Now all I have to do is design the back. I’m a little nervous about that. I’ve never designed anything in my life. So even though I’m going to start with something very simple, my biggest worry is getting it off center. I’ve already cut the cloth, you see. Usually I don’t center anything. I start my patterns at the top, three inches down and over from the hem, and I fill in the color like a printer, one line after another all the way to the bottom. Then I trim off the excess. Voila, centered. This is what comes of teaching yourself the craft rather than finding a mentor who actually knows what she’s doing. lol

And last but not least, before I sign off to attack those stockings, I want to show you this. Can anyone spot what’s wrong with this picture?


I’ll post the answer tomorrow night for those who don’t see it right away. 🙂


2 Responses to Oy, my achin’ back!

  1. Jen says:

    Well done with the Hawaiian Mandala. Is that a tortoise sticking out from inside the yellow waterproof?

  2. Redwitch says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments, I’m discovering lots of hyster-sisters!

    Sounds like you’ve been busy! Nice stitching 🙂

    I thought tortoise too, how on earth did he get in there?! lol

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