Slowly but surely on the mend

Our Special Day is coming along well. It might be delusions of grandeur, but I’ve hopes I might actually get it done by the time DH comes to visit on the 19th. 12 more days…er, maybe not.


Mom sent up a project for me to add to my pile. It’s a table cloth that she bought 40+ years ago in Peru. She loves it, unfortunately 40+ years and 7 kids can do a lot to a poor defenseless tablecloth. So, she wants to know if I can copy the pattern onto a fresh cloth.

Unbeknownst to her, I also love this pattern. So I’m going to try and do two of them so I can take one version with me to Kansas when I move. Forgive the lousy pictures, but here is the pattern.



7 Responses to Slowly but surely on the mend

  1. Patti says:

    Hi, If you can get Our Special Day done by the 19th you are a better woman than me cause I couldn’t mind you I’m a very slow stitcher but it does look lovely and your intentions are good. Please email me at Thanks lovely work Patti xxxx

  2. Ranae says:

    OSD is making good progress, keep pluging away at and it will be done before you know it.
    pretty tablecloth
    I do hope you wrist is healing faster then expected

  3. I hope your wrist is going to be ok!! Wow I couldn’t even stitch with a wrist like that. I fell on mine several years ago and had a fracture that was in place but it took 6 weeks. Your tablecloth is lovely! Get well soon! Debby

  4. Cindy F. says:

    Pretty progress on Our Special Day and I also love the table cloth!!

  5. I wish you good luck on finishing Our Special Day in time, the WIP looks lovely. I love your Mom’s table cloth, it’s pretty.

  6. Jen says:

    I have an antique table cloth too. So much work goes into making them and usually they stay in a drawer where no one can see them. Don’t envy you trying to copy this one. Please post progress where you get round to it!

  7. Von says:

    You’ve taken on quite a project there in replicating that gorgeous tablecloth! The design is lovely though and will bring much joy to both you and your mom. 🙂

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