Woo hoo! WIPs page is up!

Moving right along. I’ve finally got all the information switched over from the old blog onto this new one, and I got some wonderful news! I get to see my husband next month! Woot! I don’t think I have the situation written anywhere on here yet, but the hubby is in Kansas and I am in Oregon. We have been this way since September of 2007, when he was transferred to a new job. I stayed behind to fix up our house and sell it…just in time for the housing market to crash.

Why don’t you just leave the house in the capable hands of an agent and simply move to Kansas to be with your man, I can hear you asking from here (yes, I am that good). The answer is: Because we have a small army of pets that will make it virtually impossible to rent an apartment (shudder) or even a house without shelling out the equivalent of what it would cost us to buy a small tropical island. Believe it or not, it’s not the pug that causes all the fuss. Nor is it the cats. Or even our 50 some odd tarantulas. It’s this little darling.


The little camera ham. Look at her thinking she’s too darn pretty for words.


This is our green-wing macaw, whose favorite hobbies include preening, playing peek-a-boo and escaping her cage to chew up anything made of wood. Molding, pictures frames, book cases, tables, remote controls (not made of wood, I know, but the buttons are just impossible to resist). For six years, every Christmas at least one person in my family will get me a new universal remote, and by the 1st of January, none of them will have a single unchewed button left anywhere on it.

Anyway, I got paid today and I am bound and determined to show some restraint. I want to buy a piece of fabric for my next project. I’ve been looking at some of that tie dyed fabric in multiple shades. I don’t suppose anyone out there knows which places do the best work?


4 Responses to Woo hoo! WIPs page is up!

  1. Cindy F. says:

    Hello:) I was updating my blog and noticed someone found me through your wonderful blog! Thank you so much for listing my blog as a place you like to visit:)
    Your wips are amazing!! Beautiful pieces! and your Macaw is gorgeous!! I’ve never seen a red one. Hey, we have lots of tarantulas here in Texas!
    That’s exciting you’re going to see your husband soon. Best of luck selling your home too! My mom and step-father are in N.C. trying to sell 2 so they can move to Texas and be closer to us!
    I’m adding you to my site and my google reader so I can keep up with your site!
    Great place!! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Barbara says:

    Oh but she IS too pretty for words! What a darling! We have a ring-necked parakeet, Gil-Bird, and he is such a vain little man. I’d be lost without him, though!

  3. andrea says:

    What a beautiful bird! I’ve never seen one with such pretty colors 🙂

  4. jennifer says:

    Wow, what a pretty bird! I love how she’s showing off for the camera 😀

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