Tsk, Tsk. Bad Maren.

Christmas has come already this year. I received my latest packages of Stash additives today: two brand new patterns, still wrapped in their protective plastics, from eBay (Mirabilia patterns Summer Queen and Autumn Queen) and yet another huge, padded envelope from 1-2-3 Stitch. If I don’t get a Christmas card from them next year, I’m going to be a little miffed. I’m pretty sure I pay their weekly salaries.

Anyway, in this latest package are the Mill Hill beads required to tackle my next Mirabilia project, and a handful of patterns (again, Mirabilia: Spring Queen, Damask Roses and The Dreamer). I have also now discovered the absolute magic that are the Chatelaine designs. Heaven help me, but I ordered two. Rose Lights and Taj Mahal Garden. Okay, right here, right now, I am swearing: NO MORE PATTERNS in 2009.

At least, not until I finish a few projects first. Well, maybe not a few. But ONE! At least one!

My goal today is to get my WIPs photographed and put up here. Every Friday I’m going to post the updates so at least I can see I’m making progress on something! lol

I have also joined my first challenge When PINK Matters and started yet another project in support of that. Hopefully I’ll be done with that in time to also join the Nordic Needles’ Bookmark Challenge in support of literacy. I’m still looking for designs. I love the Hardanger look, but I don’t know if I’ve got it in me to learn how to make them well enough in the time limit allowed. We shall see.


2 Responses to Tsk, Tsk. Bad Maren.

  1. Von says:

    Hi Maren, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment today! I started hardanger using the Nordic Needle instructions on their website. Start with something simple and you’ll soon fall in love with hardanger!

    Now I’m off to put your blog in my reader. 😀

  2. Hazel says:

    Hi Maren. Thanks for your lovley comments. Welcoem to blogland. You have some lovely wips. xx

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