Morning Song

Morning Song

Morning Song

This is called “Morning Song” by Lavender and Lace. It is stitched on 32 count Sandstone colored linen. The design area is roughly 9 x 11 and was matted and framed by Ben Franklin Crafts.

This is the very first project I ever did on linen. It is also the 3rd cross stitch project that I ever did, period. From the moment I started Morning Song, however, I’ve been pretty much hooked on the tapestry-type pieces more than any other kind.

It wasn’t until after I got married and moved 2000 miles from home that a co-worker lured me into the wonderful world that is cross-stitching. For a year and a half, I poured over this cussed piece, ripped whole sections out at least three times, and did my best to be absolutely perfect in the way that only the completely anal and the truly inexperienced strive for. When I came home for vacation and showed it to my mother, she barely looked at the front before flipping over the cloth and saying, “A good stitcher can make the back look almost as neat as the front.”

Needless to say, she took the wind clean out of my sails. But she was also right. The back on this thing is horrible, and in her backhanded kind of way, she encouraged me to strive for that darn-near mythical level of perfection that I have yet to attain.


One Response to Morning Song

  1. Von says:

    My grandmother did the very same thing to one of my early projects. 😀 Since then I do try my best to make the back of my stitching as neat as I can. She’s since passed on, but I still think she’s around examining my pieces!

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